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BBQ’D - unique concept from House of Massive Restaurants is an endeavour to showcase global delicacies, including the local favourites, from around the world in a very innovative & yet contemporary fashion. Bringing fun for both family and friends under one roof, BBQ’D will be India’s first global grill & brewery that aims at reinventing the dining scene with several live counters including the table grills, special Craft beers made in the micro-brewery right in the premises, live pasta, chaat and desert counters including soft serve ice-cream and cotton candy for kids.

Going beyond just unlimited grills, BBQ’D serves unlimited global BBQ’D delicacies, unlimited gourmet pizzas, unlimited fresh dimsums and hand rolled sushi. Only BBQ’D fuses all these elements together to make one single dining concept, unlike many restaurants, thereby offering diners an unmatched variety.
BBQ’D imbibes the use of all essential barbecuing techniques – Tandoor, Sigri, Tawa and Kadhai, and will introduce a Live Churrasco grill and Table grill. Amalgamating the oldest technique of cooking over an open charcoal fired pit and churrasco, a traditional technique of grilling meat across Latin America. BBQ’D articulates its vision of offering innovative dishes from around the world, while adding a modern touch to the classics and popular grilled delicacies that abound in taste and creativity.

BBQ’D will be the first to offer an unlimited grill and brewery concept rolled into one. With four custom made Craft beers, that have been handcrafted by the finest brew masters in the country, coupled with a zero-compromise 21 day fermentation cycle, the craft beers at BBQ’D offer the best taste and flavour possible. The beer menu will be updated with the addition of a one new beer, produced every month, thereby offering an amazing variety to the BBQ’D diner.

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Menu Philosophy

With a set and cyclic menu that boasts of a large, unlimited Barbeque section, BBQ’D brings to its patrons a brilliant mix of the great cuisine from across the landscape of the country, along with delectable global delicacies & unique fusion specialties with a generous dose of innovation.

The menu at BBQ’D offers a variety of international & Indian grills, including exotic cuts of meat along with exotic vegetables offering a plethora of options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The extravagant spread features an assortment of culinary creations that offer the goodness of exotic meat & vegetables, making the menu a unique blend of mouth-watering dishes combined with the culinary traditions of the world, taking its guests on an enriching culinary experience.

Keeping modern lifestyles and the latest dining trends in mind, BBQ'D will offer a large variety of salads, made from the freshest vegetables and healthiest ingredients for fitness conscious diners. For those with a sweet tooth, there will be several live counters including live candy floss & live ice cream.


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